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Ladies with snakes

Snakes and women - two things I like in a lot of pics. ;)

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Probably the best use for the villains in 5D's...



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Not getting Omega Ruby Anymore.

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 9:06 AM
I seriously wonder if GameFreak is trolling me at this point. 

...I had a rant about my top ten, then Gamefreak ruined my number 1 favorite, Salamence, with the most ridiculous Mega form ever. I had a feeling it was coming - it's a dragon, Salamence is so broken that it was in Ubers for a bit, and the whole thing is completely unnecessary - but...there are not enough words for the sheer rage I feel towards GameFreak right now. 

For those of you who have not been paying attention to my journals or any of my comments since X/Y...I hate Mega Forms. There are a number of reasons to dislike them, the most common of those reasons being "fanservice" and "too OP." It also did not help that, by the time Megas hit, I'd been exposed to alt modes in every monster franchise except Pokemon; it felt like a step backward for the franchise rather than progression. While I'll agree that there's maybe some use for an alt mode, I'm of the opinion that these things should be used sparingly and with careful thought.... opposed to being used as a fanservice shill of a mechanic. While there are a small handful of underwhelming Pokemon that actually needed Mega forms (Ampharos the most), the vast majority of Megas belong to already popular Pokemon that either did not need them at all (MEWTWO), or are already overrated (Starters, esp. Charizard- who needed the X Mega and that's it). There are apparently some criteria for Megas, but they're so vague that they can hardly be considered serious criteria at all; Weezing, Garbodor, and Muk will probably not be getting Megas unless GF seriously runs out of Pokemon to Mega Stone. I can see GF laughing all the way over in Japan and going,"IT PRINTS MONEY!!!" Megas are one of the few things that make me feel stupid for being a Pokemon fan. 

The one exception to this rule has always been Megadactyl. Stats aside, the thing looks like a Rathian. I...kind of have the hots for Pink Rathian, have always liked Aerodactyl, and agree that the ancient terror of the skies needed something. More importantly, though, it's a nice little "screw you" to Capcom. Apparently there are some games where one can indeed have a pet Rathian. Now I can have one in Pokeymanz. Neat. It's still ironic that the only Mega I like, I like because of mild spite. 

And y'know what? Yeah, I'm willing to admit that Salamence wasn't perfect in terms of design. The scutes on its belly look weird (more like vestiges of Shelgon's shell). The wings...don't make sense, but it's kinda cool that they look like Devilman's, could be fixed with one line to show a fold in each, and awesome that a little dragon wished so hard for wings that it kamikaze'd off of cliffs until it got them. I found it really inspirational. It's not like my life's dream is to have real, biological wings or anything.

Then, nope! There's still more to do after that goal's been achieved! And wow, it looks even sillier than Devilman mixed with Russia's most famous dragon. They took away almost everything that made Salamence Salamence, and replaced it with a jet dragon that looks about as close to Salamence as Garchomp looks to Sharpedo. They didn't fix Salamence's design at all, did not make it more menacing, and ugh, you made those wings even less believable. Wasted opportunity. 

Let it be known that I am the most adamant hater of Megas ever. Seeing what they did to my favorite Pokemon ever has only plastered that in cement. I was bloody right to hate them. Even MegaEevee will not make me support GameFreak now. Forget Omega Ruby if all they're doing is throwing mode - change shiznit at us. 

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List Your Top Ten Favorite Pokemon! 

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